May 25, 2020

UPDATE May 2020

Six crucial new features in this new Horus CR version!
Update your apps for free on the App store (Horus CR or Horus CR Pro) and Google Play.


1. Choose a profile

Choose a user’s profile to configure, hide, display or require specific fields. You can choose between our three profiles: “Conservation”, “Exhibition”, “Standard”, or create your own custom profile. The app records your changes.
2. From the mapping: choose damage types
Choose damage types directly from the mapping! Press on the bar above the photo to select the type of alteration.
3. From the mapping: add photos of details
Take your photos of details directly from the mapping! They will be displayed in the « Damages details » section of the PDF. Simply press on your annotations to display the Photo icon (Advanced and Pro versions).
4. New drawing tools
For the mappings, choose between 3 different line thicknesses and between dotted or continuous lines.
5. Overview button at every step
With the “Overview button”, check out your report at every step of its writing.
6. Direct access to your USB key or your online storage
Direct access to your online storages (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or your USB key to download the pictures into the app (Advanced and Pro versions).
  • Update your knowledge!

We updated the handbook, download it on this link.
How to import data in .csv from your CMS, Excel or Filemaker? How to edit a treatment report? Check out our website
Or contact us to organize training sessions or to ask for a free trial.
For any questions and to go Pro, contact the developers.

New .CSV export

With this new version, you can now export your reports in .CSV to get a global vision of your collection’s condition.