July 13, 2021

Horus 2021 update : how to use the preventive conservation section?

From August 2021, the Horus condition report application will offer you new fields concerning preventive conservation.

How to use it?
Located at the end of the report, this section allows you to enter the optimal preventive conservation conditions for the work.

You can indicate your recommendations concerning:

1. Climate: (temperature and relative humidity)

You can indicate the recommended minimum and maximum temperatures and relative humidity and the tolerable variations over 24 hours. 

2. Light :
You can enter the maximum light exposure to be respected for the exhibitions (including the rate of light exposure not to be exceeded over a year). You can also add additional data below in “free text”.

You can also indicate the minimum distance between the work and the public as well as information about the installation.
Tick the fields you wish to fill in and indicate the recommended distance by moving the cursor over the line.

New IOS design

The application now has a new look! We have updated the design of the app to the IOS version. We are concerned with...