February 25, 2020

🇱🇺Horus CR is now available in Dutch

We are glad to launch a Dutch version of Horus Condition Report! Write your condition and treatment reports in Dutch or use the automatic translation tool to communicate with your Flemish and Dutch partners!
Translating Horus condition report is always a challenge. It requires good knowledge of the terminology used in museums and conservation labs. That’s why our translations are always made by a conservation specialist. It is also a team effort and many specialists are contributing to a new version.
For our Dutch version, we have tried to choose terms accepted in the Netherlands and in the Flemish part of Belgium. If you have any comments, please share them with us! We believe in community feedbacks to improve Horus condition report.
Would you like a version of Horus CR in your own language? Tell us! We love working on new versions and meeting colleagues passionate about conservation and words.

New .CSV export

With this new version, you can now export your reports in .CSV to get a global vision of your collection’s condition.