Horus Condition Report

The tailored application for art and heritage professionals

Horus Condition Report is the solution to produce professional condition reports simply and quickly.

Don’t miss the chance to use this small revolution !  

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A simple and flexible tool

Developed by heritage and museum professionals, Horus Condition Report aims to document your artwork’s condition. Take advantage of their expertise by using the app Horus and adapt it to your needs by customizing it!

Edit accurate reports 

Produce comprehensive reports, illustrated with up-to-date photographs of works, detail photos and damages identified and mapped using five drawing tools. Each art’s material is combined with a list of damages tailored by conservators; Locate them directly on the picture using your eagle’s eye!


Save time

Write, photograph, annotate and sign… all in one tool. Horus provides a mobile tool enabling you to produce a complete report in front of the work, from A to Z. Automatic layout saves your precious time.

Total confidentiality

Send your reports in PDF by e-mail, or download them by plugging your mobile on your computer. Work everywhere, without Wi-Fi, without cloud server. Confidentiality is total.

Legal guarantees

Condition reports are compliant with the relevant European standard, EN 16095. Reports are dated and signed at each stage.

Escort your artwork!

Thanks to the simplified input form, you can document the condition of collections at every stage of their transport. There is also a tool for translation in 7 languages!

Tablets and smartphones

IOS and Android

Choose between the year subscription Basic, Advanced or Pro

7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swedish

3 versions depending on your needs and your budget

Horus CR 3 versions

* with taxes

**the prices depends on the features you need and the number of licenses

3 versions depending on your needs and your budget


49 € / year

excl. VAT

  • Unlimited reports
  •  7 languages available
  • Recording of annotated pictures


110 € / year

excl. VAT

  • Adding detail photographs
  • Features for subsequent reports (as arrival reports)
  • More drawing tools
  • Sorting of reports by date or accession numbers
  • Folders option


Variable price
(Contact us)


  • Unlimited pictures in the reports
  • Export by group (.zip)
  • Sending and archiving of editable reports 
  • Potential interoperability with your collections management system
  • Import in .CSV
  • Treatment report features